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Blue Skies has Lori as Di, a nickname for her adopted name she used before she regained her original birth name back.

Lori Blue Skies Collectors Album Alternative Rock Pop Ballads and Music from www.lori.fm

Lori's Blue Skies
Collector's Album
Robin Hood of the Seas

Romantic Ballad song of the Seas Preview

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Robin Hood of the Seas
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Welcome to Lori's Music Section. Here you will find Posters, CD's and Music Downloads from her upcoming new Album as well as Posters, CD and MP3 downloads of her Victorian Style Songs.
Robin Hood of the Seas Rock Music Poster


'Robin Hood of the Seas' Poster

11"x17" Laminated$9.95
Lori's Robin Hood of the Seas Poster from 'Robin Hood of the Seas' song on the Time Machine Album. This Poster comes in 11"x17" and is laminated for framing.
Angel Faces

Romantic Ballad Preview

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Angel Faces

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Lori's Victorian style themed Angel Faces from her upcoming 'Time Machine' Album

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Angel Faces - Single

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'Music Box'
Victorian Song
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"like it all the best"
RobotRuss - Victorian Times

BeDazzled Russ! and your Dance Moves are the coolest -loved VT Video,
'Stay True'....Lori


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