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Lori in Las Vegas www.lori.fm
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Fashions and Videos
Lori alternative indie artist

Watch Lori's Music Videos in Widescreen Globalvizion, the format that was used long before
the others' 'plug-in' Flash programs GlobalVizion, taking the Net by Storm!

Watch Lori Power Out 'One Moment in Time' for a Record Crowd at Palm Springs
Lori sings one moment in time for a record breaking crowd at palm springs - photo slate www.lori.fm

Watch Lori's Unplugged Outtakes!
lori gown for lori's # 1 country girl from the city photo www.lori.fm
#1 Country Girl from the CIty coming at Ya!
Lori july 4th event with fans www.nuclearpop.com
Lori exclusively by Platinum Blues Music (BMI). All rights reserved.   Lori's fun and casual 'Unplugged Out Takes' Music Video with some fun fans, folks and Music. Featuring some of Lori's custom Fashions and her Original classic Patirotic Gown she had made for her 4th of July Performance at Angels Stadium in Palm Springs. Dolly Parton must have seen her Gown and liked it after getting a copy of Lori's Blue Skies Album and is now using a similar version in her Dixie shows.

Lori and Friends at Pizza Hut Ridgecrest from www.lori.fm photos
Lori with Marianna and Sheridan-Mgr. at Pizza Hut in
Ridgecrest, CA. "For the Greatest Pizzas around
go see my Pals They're as Special as the Super Charged
Pizza's they make!"

Lor and her hesperia after hours gang from www.lori.fm photo
Charlie, Selena 'Sasha', Lori and Tommy
Lori with her Hesperia After Hours Gang -
"NO we weren't all 3 sheets to the Wind, we just looked
that way, we just ran out of Milk that's all!"
"Hey, doesn't Sasha remind you of that Gal in those
Back to the Future Movies?"

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Lori and Megan Blue Skies CD Lori and Friends of Blue Skies Album
'Hey Megan!', Thanks for wearing my Blue Hair style around town! Redlands, CA

Lori with friends Tiffany,Alexis and Joe in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Bob and Lori Ireland Lori and Friend Jocelyn, Maine
To my found friend and the gifl that inspired me to write 'Children of Ireland', "Jessica"
Jessica, what a precious 2007 Holiday Greetings Card, and yes, dear, a Great 2008 to all!

To an inspiring young lady, Jocelyn, enjoy your food service career, and thanks for your great comments and sharing my music! Maine, US
Would love to hear from you, Love 'Lori'


Lori's music fans indie alternative artists www.nuclearpop.com

Missing you girls too and all the singing fun, thanks Suzanne and Millie...
'Love Lori'

Lori's music friends and fans indie pop artist www.nuclearpop.com


2008 Model for ISLE
Di - Lori the Mermiad  ISLE Model
Di 'Lori' at Future Discs Mastering Studio
Lori at Future Disc Mastering Studio, Hollywood-CA

From Modeling to Music?

lori's nuclearpop.com fashion gallery - kate moss
Kate - for Kate Moss by Coty

Where is Kate Moss going?

Seems so many stars try to convert their careers over from one area to another when their primary career is almost over. It now looks like Kate Moss is going to try to break into the Music scene.

Unlike many careers, while Modeling may be a hard one, Music can be far more challenging, especially in today's world filled with all the problems Major Labels are facing. To be a high powered, quality singer requires a great deal of inherent talent, and not something you can 'dress' up and promote quite so easiliy. Time will tell on this one it seems.

In the very difficult world of modeling we would like to give tribute to Kate Moss. You Go Girl!...from 'Lori'
LoriMears.com favorite Luch show
My favorite 'Lucy' show the 'Vitameatavegimin commercial
Lori's childhood favorite Shirley Temple
"Thank you Shirley Temple for being 'Heidi', God Bless You it got me thorugh!"... Lovingly Lori
Donna Martel and Gene Autry
Lori's friend Donna Martel, 
seen here with Gene Autry, has been 
in over 50 Films and TV Shows. 
"Hat's off to you Donna, you've got a great
personality and a lovely Spirit"... 'Lori'
Lori's Creative hair style vs vogue, elle, W magazines photo from www.lori.fm copyrighted photo

Beauticians 'Bad' Hair Day
Lori - Galactic Hairstyle -
Lori's Feminine Armour category
courtesy PGM (BMI)

Lori's Creative Fashions give 'W', Elle and Vogue fits! Lori shows those designers with the names you can't pronounce how to Futurize a Hairdoo! If you see this or any other of Lori's Custom styles in Vogue or W don't be surprised. And, a big hello to Teen Vouge!

'Diamond Dancing Dreamspot'
Courtesy Lori and PBM (BMI)
Lori.FM Rainbow custom dress and gown by Lori from www.lori.fm copyright photo

Bob Schott - Lori - Marston Smith  
Bob, Lori and World Class Electric Cello player 'Marston Smith' in Pomona, CA *Check out Marstons web site:
Di - Lori and Bob Palm Springs Mayor  
Lori, with Palm Springs Mayor Will Kleindeinst and Bob. Check out the Events page for more.  

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