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A little girls dream, a dream that no one believed in...
until now!" 



A Tribute to a Very Special Girl...

by Bob Schott





We've all heard stories from musical stars who have gone through hard times to get to where they are. Some are very heartwarming stories, but Lori's is a little hard to believe, I know, because it was for me as well. I think the hardest thing to believe about what she suffered and went through to maintain her dignity and keep her strength to follow her dream was that throughout all of the trauma and adversity from being adopted by abusive parents who didn't care for her or her dream, the practically worthless and questionable adoption social services system from the Catholic agency where she was born along with abusive relations that would have crushed many, is that she kept her peaceful and umcomprimising spirit. A spirit that, unforunately, has been mistaken by almost everyone who has come across her path. She's not phony in any sense of the term, just humble and shy, but to hear her perform, you would never guess. Lori is as close to being a real 'Empath' (someone who feels and tries to heal the pain of others) as there could be. As the entertainment industry normally goes, this seems to be the 'wrong tool for the wrong job', and that's one of the traits that makes Lori totally different.

An artist, namingly a songwriter, has theirself to interpret what it is they feel and wish to relay to their audience. With every delegation of parts to be played comes the possibility of deversity, moving farther away from their origninal works. Now if the artists songwritiing abilities are coupled with instrument ability it can better be preseneted to the other players (band members), and if that songwriter notates or scores music then very little is lost, like Yanni, and thus should be the difference between songwritter and lyriisist. With an artist able to write and play their own material, like a Torri Amos, Mark Knopfler and many others, great things can happen because the creative musical loop is very tight.

Rarely is it that someone who only writes the song but doesn't actually play any instrument and delegates the playing of their writing, finds that special artist that delivers a true sense of the inner feeling or heart and soul of that maintains the original integrity of the piece as it was intended. It is usually those who write and play that produce the true song as it was intended.