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"Here's a Fantastic Chance to Win for everybody! Win Fabulous Sports Cars and Help Children and Soldiers!
I'm proud to offer this Opportunity!"

This is a Most Unique Contest you can be
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Win Fantastic Prizes and Help Wounded American Veterans,
The Kids Wish Network and the Henry Ford Health Foundation!

Blue Skies Album
Buy 'Lori's First
Collectors CD
'Blue Skies'

Lori and her 12 String 'Lori' Lagun Aeach, CA
Lori at Laguna Beach with her 12 String 'Daisy'

Dream Give a Way contest for chairty by World Cause sponsored by www.Lori.FM
Lori is proud to be a Sponsor of this Great Give-a-Way by
World Cause


Lori at Patriotic Event
Performs 'Remembrance' for Record Crowd in Palm Springs
Lori at Palm Springs Patriotic event for record crowd of over 30,000 from www.Lori.FM photo

'Remembrance' Live


Lori Blue Skies Album alternative music Remembrance palm springs, ca
Here's a Chance to Help and a Chance to Win... for Only $3!!

Great Causes!
Great Contests!.

"I encourage All to support this Chariiy Contest!"

"I find it doubly ironic that after recording 'Remembrance' Live from my Blue Skies I found a way to help injured American Heroes and support great causes.. I really happy to be a Sponsor of UCI 'United Charities International's Dream Give a Ways and for
this opportunity to join some really solid supporters for these 2 Wonderful Causes. Plus, you get a chance to win some
'One of a Kind' Automobiles at the same
time. I encourage everyone to participate
in this Fantastic Contest,
how can you lose??"

Thanks for your generous support...
Help Wounded Veterans

help injured healing American Soldier Heroes and win fantastic automobile prizes from www.lori.fm
help healing heroes and win prizes from www.lori.fm
support american injured soldiers for unpaid medical help and win fantastic automobiles from www.lori.fm

*Coming Soon!

Lori's new Time Machine Album of unique Rock Pop Alternative Music Songs from www.lori.fm
Lori's New upcomng
Time Machine Album
Lori New Logo from www.lori.fm
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Lori on Madeloud

*The Corvette Dream Give a Way from Lori.FM

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Brand New 2013 Mustang
Dream Give-a-Way is Here!

Click the Banner Now for a chance to Win:
The Porsche Contest
is Over

"Thank you for your Support!"
Ended Oct 15, 2011

2012 Corvette Dream Give-a-Way for charity from www.lori.fm

2012 Corvette GS 427 Stingray Coupe
Plus a 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe and $45,000 for Taxes!

The Contest ends December 30, 2012 at 11:59p.m.EST. - Hurry! -

2013 Mustang Dream Give a Way for Charity from www.lori.fm

650 HP 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500
Plus a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500

and $50,000 for Taxes!


UCI Dream Give a way charity contest win 2 pjorshces from www.lori.fm

Donate Today and help a Heror win great cars from www.lori.fm
By entering the 2012 Corvette Dream
Giveaway your tax-deductible donation
to Kids Wish Network will provide grants to help increase the quality of life for hospitalized children across the nation.

Lori's contest for chairty for the kids wish network from www.lori.fm

KIDS WISH NETWORK’S “HERO” PROGRAMA portion of the proceeds of this giveaway will go to support Kids Wish Network’s efforts to help hospitalized children through their “Hero” Program in over 160 health facilities nationwide. If you know of a sick child in need of their services or would like to know more about their programs

Your Entry Ticket Donation could win you botht of these High Horsepower ICON Corvettes2012 and 1967 Corvette Dream Give a Ways for charity from www.lori.fm
2012 Corvette Engine for Lori's contest give a way from www.lori.fm
2012 Corvette Engine
  1967 Corvette engine for Lori's Dream Give a Way contest for charity from www.lori.fm photo
1967 Stingray Engine

Hurry Enter Now
Contest ends in December!



Carroll Shelby Foundation
Carroll Shelby foundation from www.lori.fm
Lori Remembers
Carroll Shelby
Jan. 11, 1923 – May 10, 2012

Henry Ford Health System (HFHS)

Here's what you can Win:

650 HP 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500
2013 Shebly Mustang Dream Give a Way for Charity from www.Lori.FM photo 2013 Shelby GT500

1968 Shelby Mustang GT500

1968 Shelby Mustagn GT500 Dream Give-a-Way for charity from www.Lori.FM

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Lori's Preview Clips from her Current and New Albums

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Watch the Powerful Voice of Lori's Performance of 'One Moment in Time'
for a Packed July 4th Event
at Angel's Stadium in Palm Springs, CA

Lori sings one moment in time for a record breaking crowd at palm springs - photo slate www.lori.fm

For a record breaking crowd of over 30,000 Lori
was asked to perform One Moment in Time by the
event producers. While cover songs are not something
Lori does, she did so for the July 4th Event.


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Fun, Fans and Fotos Section

An unusual Artist for an unusual comedy skit!
mark knopfler live event from www.lori.fm
Mark Knopfler at French...
"Ya gotta see this!"

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